ProductionThe enterprise is a leader in its region in production of the following items:


•  Tempered glass;

•  Bend glass;

•  Safe laminated glass;

•  Mirrors for sliding-door wardrobes, bathrooms and entrance halls;

•  Furniture and elements of interior from glass and mirrors;

•  Coffee tables, supports for TV, video and audio equipment;

•  Steps, handrails and barriers;

•  Bars;

•  Glass, sliding and wing doors;

•  Wardrobes, cupboards, shelves.


Bend glass (saged)


ProductsionBending (sagging) of glasses is fulfilled in furnaces with application of special forms for necessary configuration. Before bending, glass shall be cut in accordance with the required form. Then it shall be put into the furnace for fitting-out, heated up to the temperature of bending, approximately 600 ?C, under its own weight the workpiece shall gain the required geometrical configuration, and after that it shall be cooled.


Bend glass is used extensively:


•  manufacture of furniture facades and in furniture production in whole,

•  houses, offices designs, production of aquariums, hothouses;

•  exhibition and trading equipment, shop windows, refrigerators;

•  bend glass for shower cubicles, partitions, barriers;

•  automobile industry.


To manufacture products, which profiles are not included in the price-list, it is possible to make  fitting-out.


ProductionTriplex — this is one of the kinds of safe glass representing glass of two or more layers, sticked together by means of special laminar film (film triplex) or laminar liquid (filled triplex). That’s why triplex also can be called laminar or multilayer glass. The layers of triplex can be made of glass of one or various kinds, can be flat of bent – depending on the required form, which is given to glass before sticking.


To manufacture triplex the film shall be put between glass plates then plates shall be sticked under pressing at temperature exceeding by 40-50°С  the temperature of  film flowability. After cooling the product is ready for further processing or installation.


Lamination of glass does not increase its mechanical strength  but  when destructing, fragments of broken glass remained sticked to the film – it prevents the appearance of sharp fragments and  their fall. Thus, triplex is a protective and safe glass.

One more indisputable advantage of multilayer glass is its ability to prevent the penetration of ultraviolet rays into the premises. It prevents the elements of interior from quick bleaching.

ProductsionTriplex shall be used in such constructions as:


•  staircase steps;

•  partitions;

•  motor transport;

•  table tops;

•  shop windows;

•  shelves;


The company «Sklo-Service» produces mirrors for sliding-door wardrobes, entrance halls, living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms:


•  Mirrors for sliding-door wardrobes

•  Mirrors for entrance halls, living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms


Mirrors for sliding-door wardrobes  are manufactured from raw material of Belgium, Czech, Poland, Russia and China. The thickness is 2 mm. Maximal overall dimensions are 3210*2250 mm. Colour: clean silver, bronze, grey (graphite), green, blue. Sheet shall be glued over by special film from the reverse side that makes it safe in case of breaking. The coating of sandblast  drawings, paint and lacquer drawings, the technology of pseudo stained-glass window,  various combination of colours, combination of mirror-mirror, mirror-glass, facet are used extensively.


ProductionThere are about 50 basic models for  entrance halls, living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms of different form and color gamma. At desire of the customer the products are made with lights, built-in lights, facet, shelves, decorative elements, there are various variants of fittings, assembly ways and furniture. There is a big choice of drawings on mirrors made by different ways (sandblasting, pseudo stained-glass window, paint and lacquer drawings), various combination of colours, combinations of mirror-mirror, mirror-glass. Mirrors for bathrooms are made of moisture-resistant material. Also it is possible to make products under drafts of the customers.


The company is engaged in manufacture and sale of furniture made of glass, coffee tables, supports for TV, video, audio equipment, wardrobes, cupboards, shelves, bars from glass and mirrors (table tops, doors, shelves, add-on components for table tops, wardrobes doors), stainless, aluminium, chromed tubes (table legs, carcasses, wardrobe and cabinet stands), furniture of foreign and domestic manufacture. Polymer glue and ultraviolet light  shall be used for adhesion of furniture components. Glass can be adhered to glass, metal, wood, stone being remained absolutely transparent in adhering spot. Firmness of adhesion outperforms the firmness of glass.


ProductsionGlass and metal are natural ecologically pure materials, making furniture more dainty and elegant. The style "HI-TECH" prevails in our furniture: functional design, nothing unnecessary.


At desire of the customer glass furniture can be made from safe glass (tempered glass or triplex), which when breaking does not do any harm to a human.


Furniture from glass is a modern solution for interior of  an apartment, office, restaurant, bar, club, any other premises, it does not disturb the penetration of light into the premises, makes them lighter and transparent.


The company «Sklo-Service» has an organization department  engaged in production and assembly of steps, handrails and barriers from glass, wood, stainless, chromed, aluminium tubes and components. At present just these very materials embody the progress in architecture and design.


ProductsionSpecialists of our company carry out measurements, calculations, drafts, can offer various variants of constructions, combinations of materials, form, design, calculation of value of your order, we  work constantly over improvement of constructions, units and details necessary for production.


The enterprise produces glass doors (wing, pendulum and sliding) and glass barriers as well.


To produce glass doors the company «Sklo-Service» uses safe tempered glass. Characteristic of the glass can be changed at discretion of the customer. We use colourless, tinted, matted glass. To put drawings and logos we apply sandblasting, paint and lacquer drawing, pseudo stained-glass window. There are different kinds of hinges, handles. Made in single-door or double-door design.



Productsion•  Wing – installed in aperture with frame, also it is possible to install in frame-free aperture. Doors open to one side. Fitted on 2, in case of big sheet, 3 side hinges. Door check is installed optionally.


•  Pendulum – installed in a qualitatively finished aperture.  Doors open in 2 sides. Fitted only on two hinges (upper and lower, respectively fitted to floor and ceiling). Door check is installed optionally, returning the door to closed position or fixing it at a certain angle.


•  Sliding – doors are comfortable and functional, let economize active surface.


Glass doors can be installed both in apartment buildings and used as entrance doors, doors between rooms, door to bathroom, sauna, and in buildings of commercial purpose and used as internal and entrance doors into building, office, shop, boutique, salons, restaurant, caf?, night club and etc.


Glass partitions settle the matter of dividing the premises into sections preserving the integrity of design, creating lightness and transparency, providing sound insulation.