Creative department

Creative department Creative department of the company «Sklo-Service» produces:


• Mirror panel;

• Stained-glass window;

• Facades with frame profiles;

• Sandblasting drawings, paint and lacquer drawings;

• Mirrors and paintings in aluminium europrofile, wooden and plastic baguette.


Mirror panel – mirror mosaic, composition, made from small pieces of a mirror and other materials. Surface covered with mirror mosaic can represent both simple geometric drawing and subject composition. Not only floor and ceiling but even furniture can be decorated with mosaic. Can be used as element of interior.


Stained-glass windows – one of the most popular ways of decorating the interior. Stained-glass  insertions into windows, doors, furniture, niches and partitions between rooms gives the premises a specific colouring harmonizing with the interior. Artistic stained-glass in interior can have both the leading and additional function.  Stained-glass windows made from transparent or semitransparent glass give the perception of lightness and do not limit the space. Blind colourful glass attracts the attention and decorates the premises with specific glass paintings-panel.


Facades with frame profiles – furniture facades, when producing them aluminium frame profile applies. They embody both functional and decorative qualities. Used in furniture for living room, bedroom, in office, children’s, kitchen, bathroom and entrance hall furniture. The principle of assembly of constructions from frame profiles is simple – details of necessary dimension are cut at a specific angle, and then assembled by means of connection elements and screws.


Creative departmentCreative departmentCreative department


One of the ways of decorative processing of glass and mirror is artistic sandblasting. Sandblasting processing of glass serves not only for matting but for putting one-sided and two-sided drawings of any complicacy. Artistic sandblasting is applied in production of office partitions, stained-glass windows, mirrors with decorative finish, glass table tops with drawing, glasses for doors between rooms, furniture facades and etc.


In this department glass and mirror are painted and lacquered. Applied for decorating furniture of the house and office, doors,  sliding-door wardrobes, table tops, for producing all-glass furniture, mirrors with drawings.


The department carries out professional designing of mirrors, any kinds of paintings, watercolours, papyri, embroidery, icons, photos, tapestry, geographical maps, documents, diplomas, letters of commendation in aluminium europrofile, wooden or plastic baguette of foreign and domestic manufacture.